Sleep Aid Found To Be Useful For Extinguishing Forest Fires

Friday, 5 June 2009 05:44 by The Lunatic


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Sleep Aid Found To Be Useful For Extinguishing Forest Fires

Washington D.C., June 5 2009 – In addition to being the healthiest and most effective natural sleep aid on the market, local distribution company EnergyByAloe has shown positive data that AloeRest is very effective at extinguishing forest fires. “The biggest problem we’ve found” says EnergyByAloe owner David Workman “is keeping enough AloeRest in stock.”

Indeed, during the two day test trial in which numerous forest fires were started in the Washington DC area, one almost got out of control because of a shortage of AloeRest.

“It was a close one,” says Workman, “we almost had to go find an alternate substance to douse that last burn. Maybe water would have done the trick, but we didn’t want to admit defeat so we pressed forward with the AloeRest.”

AloeRest is an all natural product that contains RealAloe® juice, 5 fruits, L-Tryptophan, Valerian Root, Magnolia Bark, and Melatonin. “We figured that since it does such a good job of putting people to sleep, it might be useful in other situations where a calming influence is needed,” continued Workman. “Based on the results of our experiments, we suggest that all families in America keep at least a few cases on hand.”

While numerous independent distributors sell AloeRest, only EnergyByAloe has firsthand experience with supplying AloeRest to the American citizens who are also concerned about controlling forest fires.

About EnergyByAloe: EnergyByAloe is a proud distributor of USAloe™ products. In addition to AloeRest, EnergyByAloe also supplies AloeBoost (a high performance energy drink) and AloeControl (a metabolic weight management product). Samples of all three products are available at or by emailing

AloeBoost, AloeRest, AloeControl, and RealAloe are trademarks of USAloe, LLC.

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June 24. 2009 02:49

There is indeed a lot of fires in forests, as well as very hot weather and people are simply not able to extinguish these fires.


October 28. 2009 14:23

I usually just delete "spam" comments, but that last one was just too funny.

The Lunatic

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