Why doesn't McCain just say "I'm Sorry" to Jackson Browne?

Thursday, 20 November 2008 07:08 by The Lunatic


I've done a lot of media licensing in my life.  A lot .... hit songs, video clips, still images (including a picture of Elvis Presley once, that was fun). I'm fairly up to date on licensing laws and procedures, and I have a high regard for artists rights. And I certainly wouldn't dream of using someone's copyrighted material in a national advertisement without their permission. 

So why is John McCain trying to sue Jackson Browne after he used "Running on Empty" without permission?  This is just plain stupid:

Basically, McCain's campaign used Jackson Browne's hit song "Running on Empty" in an ad that targeted Obama's energy plan.  Jackson Browne sued, rightfully so, stating that 1) McCain didn't have rights and 2) the usage created a "false association or endorsement".

Now, McCain is counter-suing Jackson Browne.  In his suit, he derides the song (saying it's old with a title that's an acknowledged cliché. Which is pathetic considering that McCain is old - and an acknowledged cliché), he's claiming that the "false association or endorsement" rules only apply to commercial speech, not political speech (that's just crazy), and he actually wants Jackson Browne to pay for monetary damages - claiming that Jackson Browne has interfered with HIS free speech! Huh???

In the initial lawsuit, Jackson Browne was asking for $75,000 in damages which is probably a little high - I would say that $50K is probably appropriate (but some artists would have been greedy and asked for a few hundred thou).  But over all, it's not that much for McCain and it's less than half of what the Republican Party spent on Palin's campaign wardobe ...

Even if his claims had any basis (I don't believe they do - I can't believe he'll win this), why can't McCain just pay the bill, admit they were wrong, and apologize? Could it be that he isn't willing to say "I'm Sorry" to someone who is ... hmmm, an Obama supporter? Could he really be that shallow?

What's the word I used to describe McCain in a previous post ... Antagonistic? I am SO glad this guy lost the election.


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November 24. 2008 09:39

Hey, Obama quoted Lincoln.  Maybe he should sue him.  (Who should sue whom?  Either should sue both.)

Geoff Hoff

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