I’ll Drink To That (Part II)

Sunday, 11 October 2009 06:48 by The Lunatic

Here’s a cute little nursery rhyme that my mother taught me when I was about five years old (it will take a few tries to get the pronunciation and cadence right):

  1. Starkle, Starkle, little twink -
  2. What the heck I are, you think?
  3. Up a high, the world so bove -
  4. Gee, you’d think I were in Love!
  5. The drunker I sit here, the longer I get.
  6. Why ossifer, what gives you the diarrhea
  7. that I’m under the affluence of incahol
  8. though some think’ll will peep I am!
  9. Hic.

My mother had a lot of these funny drinking poems up her sleeve, but she never drank. Ever. (At least, not after I was born – she did when she was younger).  And myself – I had my very first drink of alcohol on my 21st birthday; a very dear friend named Linda took me out for lunch and bought me a beer.  I remember it well – it was More...

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Hey, let’s blame it all on Obama!

Sunday, 4 October 2009 23:43 by The Lunatic


A good friend of mine forwarded the following email to me the other day.  Now, before I begin, this friend is one of the smartest people I know.  He is the CEO of a rapidly growing company, introducing successful new products into the marketplace even in this economy. He is a vocal Republican, so all I ever heard from him for about 20 years was that “it’s the Democrats fault” when referring to ANY problems in the world.  I’m neither democrat nor republican, so it's never bothered me any.

But then, halfway through the second term of the Bush administration, he swung around and admitted that maybe it’s not ALL the Democrats fault, the Republicans need to take some part of the blame for the state of the world’s affairs. And horror of horrors, he hesitantly (accidentally?) said some positive remarks towards Obama during the election (but really, I think it was more of an anti-McCain sentiment than anything, in one email he said “clearly McCain is an even worse war monger than Bush, very scary.  I bet he never met a weapon he didn't buy.”)

However, he’s back to his lovable More...

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