Last night's dinner at Blindekuh

Saturday, 14 November 2009 06:15 by The Lunatic

We finally moved in to our house two weeks ago (after living in a temporary apartment for the past three months) and we’re busy exploring our new neighborhood. We live up on a hill, just southeast of downtown Basel, in a nice and quiet residential neighborhood. At the bottom of the hill, just three tram stops away (or about a ten minute walk) there’s an eclectic commercial district with stores, restaurants, and a huge outdoor ice skating rink that we just discovered last weekend.

I was down the hill the other day and had passed by a Thai restaurant that looked pretty good, so last night I suggested to the family that we give it a try. We haven’t eaten out since we moved, and I’ve been wanting to try out some of the local joints. On the way to the restaurant, we went down a block we hadn’t been down before, and discovered a large group of industrial buildings with a bunch of establishments – an incredible arena with eight huge rock climbing walls, a local theater (live stage), a dinner show, a circus school (not kidding), and a few bars – all mixed in with some light industrial and manufacturing businesses.

On our way out on the other end of the complex, right across the street from the Thai restaurant we were planning to go to, we saw an intriguing More...

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Something to really think about

Wednesday, 4 November 2009 22:11 by The Lunatic

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Just think: If you drank AloeRest on a regular basis in the evening or AloeBoost in the morning, you could be sleeping better at night and have more energy More...

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