Too Conservative To Vote Republican

Sunday, 3 February 2019 09:11 by The Lunatic


I could never vote for a liberal candidate; even the Republicans are far too liberal for me.

I am frustrated with our government’s poor financial planning and horrified by our deficit spending. The damage being inflicted upon us by free spending liberals is by far the biggest issue facing our nation.

As a taxpayer, I want to see a full audit of our treasury. And I mean a completely transparent accounting of every penny spent. Over the past two decades, we have $10 Trillion (yes “Trillion” with a T) missing from the pentagon, and no one — not even the DoD — knows where it is. We need to call a plumber to fix this leak, because we’re already drowning in debt and this isn’t helping any. 

We already know that our national debt is 100% due to rampant, unrestrained, unnecessary, and irresponsible military spending – no one disputes that. But we forget about the annual interest we must pay on the existing debt from the military spending in prior years. It’s a vicious cycle; we spend so much of our tax revenue on interest that we can’t pay down the principal. This draining of our coffers started under President Reagan with his failed “Star Wars” initiative and the Republicans have had a disgustingly liberal ‘spend spend spend spend I don’t care about the consequences’ mentality since then. We are now looking at close to $22 Trillion in debts that you and I, as taxpayers, are responsible for.

In addition to the debt, our out of control military machine has produced an inconceivably large population of veterans, who we need to feed and provide medical care for. This in itself is a form of liberal welfare which has caused far greater social and economic harm than any food stamp program.

Over the past 40 years, we could have funded science education at every university, implemented much needed birth control programs, made healthcare affordable and available to all, and built gay and lesbian activity centers across the USA … all for the money that the Republicans have liberally spent lining the pockets of corrupt defense contractors, and we’d STILL have a budget surplus and wouldn’t owe $3 trillion to the Social Security fund.

Speaking of Social Security, let’s talk about that. Deposits into the Social Security trust fund, and disbursements from the fund, are NOT part of the US treasury and should not be reported as such. The “Social Security Trust Fund” is a SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITY with its own separate accounting. The White House started including Social Security in the official financial statements of the U.S. government – again, around the time of the “Star Wars” program – specifically to make the military expenses look like a smaller portion of the total US budget than they actually are. This is like a company including its pension plan in their profit and loss statement – it is outright FRAUD. Where’s that audit I’m looking for?

We need to hold the US government to the same accounting and reporting standards as we do for publicly traded companies. Frankly, I would vote for ANY candidate, from any party, who would take this on as a campaign platform! 

The Savings & Loan crisis of the late 80’s? The Sub-Prime Mortgage crisis of 2007/2008? Both events were the direct result of de-regulation led by the liberals in the Republican party who can’t seem to take a ‘long term’ view of anything, and both of them led to recessions which had a global economic impact that we are still paying for today. If we had any ‘buffer’ left in our treasury, we could absorb these catastrophic events (along with natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes) and move on. But we’re so far in debt as it is, we can’t take another major hit and expect our government to stay solvent.

Being a conservative means that I have a laser sharp focus on planning for our future. I want to leave a habitable environment and stable economy for our children and future generations. All these damn liberals are so worried about short term goals – they are more concerned about next quarter earnings than the health and well being of our environment. The Republicans are continually ignoring safety and environmental studies which are designed to protect us, and this stupid short-sighted liberal attitude is going to kills us all. We really need to tighten our regulations and take a more conservative approach to reduce the environmental footprint of every citizen and every business in the US, and we need to set an example and encourage other countries to follow suit. It is the only way to ensure the future health and prosperity of humanity.

I absolutely and unapologetically uphold the conservative ideals of complete truth, honesty, and integrity, which is why there is no place for religion in our government. Religion is the antithesis of anything moral or ethical. Religion is a process of using coercion and threats (such as “you’re going to HELL if you don’t read the bible and give money to my church”) to manipulate people. Sure, everyone should be free to go out and follow whatever nutcase religion they want – just keep priests away from my kids, and religion away from our government, and we’ll get along fine. Our nation was founded on the conservative principle of separation of Church and State, and we need to keep it that way.

And another thing. The republicans, with their liberal gun laws, have put an abundance of firearms into the hands of every criminal in the USA. We decry the 3,000 people killed by terrorists on sept 11, but we’ve had some 30,000 people killed by Americans with guns every year since then.

Strong and effective regulations have resulted in safer automobiles, and the number of people killed in car accidents has steadily declined over the past 50 years. And every year since 2014, the number people killed in automobile accidents is less than the number of people killed by firearms in the USA!

The NRA was once just a political lobby arm for the firearm manufacturers, and has turned into the world’s largest terrorist organization, preying on people’s fears and emotions to make everyone think they need to buy more guns.

Unless properly stored and secured, more guns in our society just means more crime and more gun deaths. All reputable studies have shown that a homeowner brandishing a gun is more likely to be killed by an intruder than non-gun owners. More disturbingly, gun owners are far more likely to have their own weapon used against them – taken by a burglar, played with by a neighbor kid, pulled out when a simple family argument gets out of control – than they are likely to use it against an intruder. The difference is not a 10%, 20%, or even 50% increase; you are between six and ten times more likely to have someone in your own home hurt by your own gun than you are likely to “use it against a bad guy”.

The evidence is absolutely irrefutable and is backed up by the success in other countries which have implemented strong regulations, all of which have curbed gun deaths and reduced crime in these countries. But these stupid liberals don’t care about scientific studies or empirical evidence in the slightest. They are driven strictly by emotion and just want to have their guns to play with, no matter what the consequences are to our society. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of Americans are dying every year because of their liberal ignorance.

The NRA should be held responsible for the killing of hundreds of times more American citizens than "immigrants" or ISIS. If you are looking for an enemy to go after, start with the ones at home that are doing the most damage to our society.

As a conservative, I want to faithfully uphold our second amendment, which calls for "a well-regulated militia". A Militia is "a military force raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency". I lived in Switzerland for a year; Swiss citizens who have gone through basic military training are all 'reservists' and keep a military issued firearm in case of a foreign invasion. Their guns are securely locked on one floor of the house (typically in the attic), and ammunition is on another floor (usually the basement). Inspectors routinely come in to Swiss homes to confirm proper storage. It's illegal to keep loaded firearms in your home, and citizens do not carry firearms around in public. They own guns to protect the nation against foreign invasion; Switzerland has achieved the "well-regulated militia" that our second amendment calls for. We are nowhere close to it.

I am so sick and tired of it all.

As I said, I’m way to conservative to vote Republican.

Or maybe I’m far too liberal to vote Democrat?