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Wednesday, 4 November 2009 22:11 by The Lunatic

Just think: If you had started taking AloeControl when it was launched last summer, you could easily be 20 to 50 pounds lighter right now.

Just think: If you had bought AloeAdvanced when you first heard about it, your cholesterol could finally be under control, you could have better concentration, more energy, less stiffness in your joints, better control over your blood sugar levels, and the comfort of knowing that you have the most effective anti-oxidant known on planet Earth combating the harmful free radicals in your body. *

Just think: If you drank AloeRest on a regular basis in the evening or AloeBoost in the morning, you could be sleeping better at night and have more energy during the day.

Just think: If you buy from USAloe, you could be paying less than half the price of what you are probably currently paying for competing products to maintain your health, and doing a whole lot more good for your body.

And just think: If you had signed up as a USAloe distributor six months ago, you could have well over 1,500 people under your sales organization today and be collecting a generous commission, like I do.

Now there’s even one more reason to think about USAloe – by invitation only for visitors to my website – you can receive nearly $100.00 worth of USAloe Health Drinks for just $14.99, including shipping!

Choose from one of four different product packs: Wellness, Energy, Rest and Relaxation, or Weight Control.

Each pack includes two quarts of your selected product, which normally retail for $29.99 EACH plus shipping.  In addition to the two quarts, you will receive two “sample shots” of all four of our great products, just to try them out:

  • AloeAdvanced – Core nutrition, Super Antioxidant, Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels *
  • AloeBoost – All Day Energy, No Added Sugar, No Crash Later, Anti-Oxidant Support
  • AloeControl – Control Your Cravings, Promotes Healthy Weight Control, Metabolic Enhancer
  • AloeRest – All Natural Sleep Aid, Go to Sleep Faster, Wake Up More Refreshed, Refuel and Revive while you sleep

ShotsWhat’s the catch?  THERE IS NONE!  You will automatically be signed up for a recurring monthly shipment which you are free to cancel at any time – there are no commitments and no minimum orders.  Just the healthiest, purest, all natural drinks – exclusively from USAloe.

* AloeAdvanced includes generous amounts of a special ingredient called Eklonia Cava Extract – possibly the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant. It is one of the only water AND fat soluble anti-oxidants; it is hundreds of times stronger, and it penetrates your cells to provide protection from free radicals for up to 12 times longer, than ordinary anti-oxidants. Read the article about it at

So what is USAloe all about?  USAloe is the world’s premium manufacturer of Aloe Vera based health drinks. They are sold through a network of independent distributors – people you know and trust.  All products use the highest quality ingredients and are shipped directly from our factory in Carlsbad, California.  Your entire order is covered by our exclusive, no risk, 30 day “empty bottle guarantee”.  Additionally, if you try one of the four product packs, you will receive wholesale pricing on all future orders!

Now don’t get me wrong, this offer is all about the products. I want you to try the USAloe products with zero risk and almost zero cost because I’m sure you will fall head over heels in love with them. But in addition to a great introduction to the USAloe products at a phenomenal price, there is one more surprise with this special, limited time offer: when you purchase one of these product packs, we will reserve a distribution slot for you in our sales organization.  If you never activate this position, then you can completely ignore it and go on being just a happy customer (and you will continue to receive wholesale pricing on all orders). 

However, as I sign up new distributors down the road, they will come in under your slot – and at some point in time, you may suddenly find that you have a large sales organization already built for you.  You can then activate your distributorship and start collecting commissions!  How easy is that???

Don’t delay – order your Product Pack today!

The USAloe products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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