Counting down the days to the new administration

Tuesday, 4 November 2008 16:42 by The Lunatic


The Bush administration will go down in history as one of the worst - make that the absolute worst  - in U.S. history.

George Bush Senior should whip the president's ass with a ping pong paddle for making such a mess of things.  In public.

In the last 8 years, the U.S. has gone from a country that was mostly admired to being universally hated. We have a government that meddles where it shouldn’t, openly provokes fights with anyone that doesn’t agree with our philosophies, and bullies our friends and enemies alike.  Ok, much of that has been going on since well before Bush became president, but he certainly has brought it to new heights.

McCain is unbelievably antagonistic, even worse than Bush.  I disagreed with almost every statement he made regarding foreign policy during his presidential campaign.  This is not the time to be antagonistic with the hope of escalating hostilities (he is a true war monger).  We need to diffuse a number of bad situations and come to some middle ground - I am HOPING that Obama can succeed in this area.

When McCain first announced his VP choice, I obviously hadn’t ever heard of Sarah Palin before.  My first response was “cool! – it would be great for him to have a woman running mate!”

Then just a few hours later, she’s already on TV talking about her lifelong NRA membership and showing pictures of the caribou that she’s shot.  Then she went on her anti-abortion rant.  She represents the total “whacko” side of the republicans that is so completely repulsive to me.

I am thrilled that Obama has won the election.  My only issue with Obama is that he is a democrat - and I really hope he doesn't pull us too far into the "whacko" side of the democrats that are so completely repulsive to me!


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